Salt and Water

Tours With Yishay shavit - The Dead sea - Salt and water

The dead sea is going to die!  In a one day tour to the lowest place on earth we will check the link between the salt and the fact that the sea is in danger.  Is it reversible?  What happened in the past and what does the future hold?  We will talk about the salt, the curse and the gift of the sea, the animals and vegetation that learned to survive in the salty environment, the link between sinkholes and salt, and the Dead Sea Works in past and present.  We will definitely not miss a dip in the sea and making salty chips with the local vegetation.

Highlights: Mount Sodom, Ein Bokek, the pumping station that moves water from north to south, Ein Feshkha, and the site where the Dead Sea Works started.

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לעמוד בעברית

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My week

  • 25.6.2017
 A boat ride on The sea of Galilee.
ספינה על ים כנרת
  • 24.6.2017
יותם לפני התספורת הראשונה שלו. כפר סבא.
Yotam just before his first haircut. Kfar Saba.
  • 23.6.2017
The ols city. Jerusalem.
העיר העתיקה. ירושלים.
  • 22.6.2017
Abraham's tent. Genesis land.
אוהל אברהם. ארץ בראשית.
  • 21.6 2017
Nachlaot. Jerusalem.
נחלאות. ירושלים.
  • 20.6.2017
Church of the holy sepulchre. Jerusalem.
כנסיית הקבר. ירושלים.
  • 19.6.2016
Yad Vashem. Jerusalem.
יד ושם. ירושלים.

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