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Tours in Jerusalem with Yishay Shavit - The room of the last supper

4,500 years of history are not to be taken lightly. in a city where the Ayyubids, the Khwarizm people, the Ikhshidids and other resided,  you need a tour guide to help you navigate through the different dates.  On this tour we will sort out the history, who came before whom and what the different rulers of the city left behind them.  We will visit the Museum of the History of Jerusalem in the Tower of David and from there we will go out to the streets of the Old City in order to see the historical remains as they were preserved until present day.
Time: 3.5-4 hours.
Level of difficulty: easy to moderate. Many stairwells.
On this tour we can either go through a summary of the entire history of Jerusalem or focus on one specific era according to your requests.

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לעמוד בעברית

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My week

  • 23.6.2017
The ols city. Jerusalem.
העיר העתיקה. ירושלים.
  • 22.6.2017
Abraham's tent. Genesis land.
אוהל אברהם. ארץ בראשית.
  • 21.6 2017
Nachlaot. Jerusalem.
נחלאות. ירושלים.
  • 20.6.2017
Church of the holy sepulchre. Jerusalem.
כנסיית הקבר. ירושלים.
  • 19.6.2016
Yad Vashem. Jerusalem.
יד ושם. ירושלים.
  • 18.6.2016
The studios of I24 news. Tel Aviv.
אולפני I24 בתל אביב.
  • 17.6 2017
Ein karem. Just outside of Jerusalem.
עין כרם. ממש מחוץ לירושלים.

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